Kodak Black Denies Being Suicidal, Claims He Needs A Vacation

Kodak Black

Troubled rap star Kodak Black Kodak Black dropped a new message to his fans and confirmed he was doing okay after a pair of tweets suggested he was suicidal!

Kodak Black has finally addressed a series of tweets that made his fans question his mental well-being.

The rapper is heading to a 90-day treatment program after violating the terms of his probation by failing a drug test.

Shortly after the news broke that he was heading to rehab, Kodak revealed he was “lonely, depressed, sad and f##### up.”

In the most disturbing post, Kodak said, “sitting in my room crying feel like killing myself.”

Shortly afterward, Kodak Black deactivated his social media accounts, causing extreme alarm amongst his fan base.

Thankfully Kodak appears to be doing fine. He popped back up on the net over the weekend to reveal he was doing just fine.

“Maybe that wasn’t the best thing to tweet, and very selfish of me to let a thought like that succumb apologize to me for doubting myself like I’m ain’t raw ass gangsta ass n####,” Kodak Black wrote. “But thugs need love too, you know, and it’s totally unfair to the people that DO Love me that DO Care & wanna see me happy and successful, however that looks like!” he added.

Kodak thanked everyone after he was flooded with calls and text messages concerned for his well-being before confirming he was not suicidal – he just needed some time off.

“Don’t worry I’m not suicidal and have no plans on harming myself been in maximum prisons people committing suicide and die from the hands of their cell mates right next to me. I been beaten by authorities 1,000 miles

away from home no point of contact to family, never contemplated taking myself out … I got a great support system & surrounded By love, somebody put a false rumor in my head that drove me to the edge that can’t say but all in all l’m ok! I’m really in need ofa vacation but being on probation. Keep me stuck in this unhealthy environment where my only choice is running round the hood thuggin.”

“No matter how strong you are everyone have their days and it’s ok, As a general swear to never show any signs of weakness that s### ain’t Zool Fa the people that look up to me,” Kodak Black continued. “I lost one of my Snipers to suicide.. mental health issues and depression is real but I see this Lil f### n#### happy to see my vibe off and decides he wants to kick me while I’m down got enough energy and yo b#### ass gave me all the motivation I need to keepnstepping #NightMare.”

Hopefully, Kodak Black will come back a more muscular man after he completes his stint in rehab.

He recently filed documents with the court, asking if he could complete a program outside of the state of Florida.