KSI Tweets “I Will Never Get COVID” Then Tests Positive For It


KSI revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 less than two days after bragging about how he would never catch the coronavirus.

KSI jinxed himself by claiming he’d never catch COVID-19 on Twitter.

The British rapper/YouTuber tested positive for the coronavirus less than 48 hours after tweeting, “I will never get covid.”

KSI made the social media declaration after wondering how he avoided COVID-19 for so long.

“On a real though, how have I never had covid?” he asked his followers.

A little over a day later, the RBC Records artist posted a picture of his positive test. He conceded COVID-19 wasn’t something to joke about.

“Yeah this covid thing, ain’t no joke,” he wrote. “2021 Final boss type s###.”

The 28-year-old rapper continued to provide updates on Twitter and even indicated he was feeling better at one point. But his improved health didn’t last long as the effects of his medication waned.

“I take it back, the drugs are wearing off,” he admitted.

KSI went into greater detail about his condition in an update on Friday. He assured fans he was OK but noted he was dealing with multiple symptoms of COVID-19.

“Feel pretty weak right now,” he wrote. “Small tasks like cleaning my room makes me feel hot & sweaty. Light headed feeling at times. Joints/muscles feel achy. Still coughing a fair. Besides that I’m good.”