Kurtis Blow Denounces His Portrayal In New Edition Movie


(AllHipHop News) At one point, pioneering emcee Kurtis Blow was the undisputed King of Rap and he is still regarded as one of the best. However, a portrayal in the BET New Edition movie has raised the ire of legendary Hip-Hop artist.

The New Edition movie has been a highly rated television event, which chronicles the rise of the boys-to-men group that originally hailed from Boston.

In the movie, there is a moment where the rapper is extremely coarse to the five young singers, who were fans of the New Yorker.

On Twitter, Kurtis Blow sharply objected to how he was depicted, calling it “alternative facts.”

“Word of the day is – Alternative facts by New Edition!!!” the rapper tweeted.

In the scene, Kurtis Blow was asked to open for New Edition, which he flatly declined and also refused to sign an autograph for the young R&B talents. Kurtis Blow didn’t fully deny parts of the scene happened, but took exception to many portions, particularly a swipe at the Nation of Islam.

See how all played out on Twitter below. An Instagram post expounding was deleted.