Lana Del Rey Bashed For Posting Looters During Black Lives Matter Protest

Lana Del Rey was trying to do the right thing, but she ended being accused of dry snitching.

(AllHipHop News) Kehlani has taken aim at Lana Del Rey for posting footage of looters stealing from stores during the Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The “Summertime Sadness” singer was among the celebrities who took to the streets to join activists before the protests turned violent, documenting what she saw and posting footage on Instagram

While many fans applauded her for taking civil rights matters seriously, Kehlani took offense at the content of the videos she was sharing, accusing Lana of risking the safety of those in the footage.

“It’s dangerous as f##k and a very poor choice of moments to post,” she tweeted on Sunday. “By all means protest, but DO NOT endanger people with your very massive platform.”

It appears Kehlani’s comments were taken to heart as Del Rey quickly deleted her initial footage of the looting.

Instead she posted scenes from the protests, including footage of a destroyed car.

Lana wasn’t the only pop star taking part in the protests in Los Angeles on Saturday – Halsey and Ariana Grande also shared images of themselves involved in the demonstrations.

Ariana and her friends enjoyed a peaceful rally on Saturday afternoon, while Halsey and her on-off boyfriend Yungblud were pelted with rubber bullets as police opened fire on activists.

Halsey took to social media to document the heavy-handed actions of riot police, claiming she had to help fellow protesters avoid injury.