Latto Blasts “Bully” Nicki Minaj for Sharing Private DM About Grammy Award Nomination 

Nicki Minaj and Latto are going at it after Nicki said the Grammys should categorize “Super Freaky Girl” similarly to “Big Energy.”

Nicki Minaj and Latto are dissing each other on social media after the NYC rapper called out the Grammys for putting her “Super Freaky Girl” single in the Best Pop Solo Performance category for the 2023 awards. 

According to reports, the Recording Academy’s rap committee reclassified the song after Nicki Minaj first listed submitted it for rap categories.  

During an Instagram Live session on Thursday (Oct. 13), Nicki said the song, currently spending its eighth week at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart, should be treated like similar singles.  

“Now, let’s say that ‘Super Freaky Girl’ is a pop song,” Minaj continued. “Let’s just say that. What is [Latto’s] ‘Big Energy’? … If you move ‘Super Freaky Girl’ out of rap and put it in pop, do the same thing for ‘Big Energy.’ Same producers on both songs, by the way. So let’s keep s### fair. Even when I’m rapping on a pop track, I still out-rap.” 

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Nicki Minaj also took her complaints to Twitter where many of her fans were tweeting their support. “CALL A THING A THING!!!!!😩,” she wrote, sharing a fan post of Nicki rapping on Super Freaky Girl.  

She also shared a screenshot of a DM from somebody who said Nicki was using their name and song to prove a point. 

“This Karen has probably mentioned my name in over 100 interviews,” Nicki wrote alongside the screenshot. “Says she waited in line for Pink Friday w|her Barbie chain on, bangs, pink hair…but today, scratch off decides to be silent; rather than speak up for the black woman she called her biggest inspiration. 🫡☺️😘” 

Latto Calls Nicki Minaj A “Bully”

While fans speculated who wrote the text to Nicki Minaj, Latto soon cleared up the mystery.  

“1st of all I texted u cause I didn’t wanna do the internet sht w sum1 I looked up to. Just like the 1st time I DMed u asking about ur ongoing subtweets. I wanted to speak up cuz like I said I do agree but the way u going about it seems malicious esp. after how we left off,” she began. 

“I’ve ignored countless subtweets since March and instead addressed u in the dm. You’re asking why I didn’t speak up in ur defense… it’s the same answer I gave u when u asked why I didn’t congratulate you. Ur literally older than my mom tryna be a bully @NICKIMINAJ,” Latto added. 

In response, Nicki quote-tweeted Latto’s post with some shade, writing, “All this time I thought you was at least 35.” 

Check out the back-and-forth between Nicki Minaj and Latto in the tweets below.  

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