Latto Wants To Marry & Settle Down On A Farm With 10 Dogs, Chickens & Pigs


Rapper Latto explained some of the plans she has for her future family. Take a look!

Latto revealed she isn’t a fan of her birth name, in addition to explaining her plans for the future.

The “Big Energy” rapper was named Alyssa Michelle Stephens by her mother but adopted the stage name Latto when she started to find career success in early 2021.

Asked about her real moniker during a recent video interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Latto insisted that she never suited the name Alyssa.

“I don’t really like my name. Often, I ask my mama what the hell she was thinking? Because how (do) you birth a star with a regular name? What?” she sighed. “Before I was rapping, I really thought I was that girl, like 10 years old. She should have just named me something more star quality to it. Alyssa Michelle Stephens, huh?”

Accordingly, Latto is adamant she will give her future children unconventional names when the time comes.

“I have this whole long list of what I’m gonna name my daughter,” the 24-year-old smiled, noting that she can’t wait to “get married and have a baby.”

“I really just want to go out and get a house in the country and have like 10 dogs and maybe like some chickens and pigs and horses – as pets. And just have my kids… that’s the goal. But not tomorrow,” she added.