EXCLUSIVE: Law Firm Demands 50 Cent Give Up His Hunt For Rick Ross Over Leaked Sex Tape

A law firm battling 50 Cent is asking a judge to order the rapper to stop his attempt to find Rick Ross.

(AllHipHop News) A law firm insists 50 Cent is using Rick Ross to stall for more time in a $32 million malpractice battle over a leaked sex tape.

50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III, wants his lawyers to depose Rick Ross in a massive lawsuit against his old lawyers at Reed Smith, over allegations they botched his case and cost him $7 million over the videotape. 

In November, 50 asked a judge for another chance to serve Rick Ross with a subpoena because his process servers could not get past the Miami rapper’s wall of security.

Fif was forced into bankruptcy when he had to shell out millions to Lastonia Leviston after he was held responsible for posting a video starring her and a companion having sex online with his own commentary.

Lawyers at Reed Smith are fighting back, saying 50 still owes them over $600,000 in delinquent legal fees.

Now they are objecting to 50 Cent bringing Rick Ross into case as several key hearings approach.

“Jackson has had years to take Ross’s deposition in the vain hope of finding any scintilla of fact that would support the allegations in his complaint, filed almost three years ago, about what Ross would have said if called as a witness during the 2015 trial in the Leviston matter,” snapped Thomas G. Rohback, whose firm Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP represents Reed Smith.

First off, the hunt for Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, should be called off because he lives in Georgia and Florida.

Therefore, 50 Cent’s lawyers’ motions to compel Rick Ross to testify should have been filed in the district where the deposition would be taken – Georgia or Florida.

“If Jackson were serious about actually obtaining this testimony, he could have—and should have—sought it in the appropriate courts months ago,” Rohback added.

Rohback is asking the judge to abandon the search for Rick Ross and order and allow the discovery phase to continue with Rick Ross on December 20th.

If Reed Smith’s lawyer has his way, the case should be wrapped up by January 31, 2020.