LeBron James, Beyoncé & Cardi B Named Among Top Celebrities Raising Awareness About Voting

The Rock and Tom Hanks are the most popular celebs, while Donald Trump, Kim K, and Kanye West score low on the favorability rankings.

Whitman Insight Strategies and MRC Data, in partnership with DISQO, conducted a survey of 1,103 likely voters to see how much influence entertainers and athletes have on the voting public. Only 12% of those surveyed reported that a celebrity influenced their thinking regarding the election.

When it comes to who has done the most to raise awareness and motivate people to go to the polls, LeBron James came in first overall with 36%, according to information published by The Hollywood Reporter. Taylor Swift was second with 13%, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson polled at 9%. They were followed by Oprah Winfrey with 6%. Cardi B, Beyoncé, and Colin Kaepernick tied with 5% each.

The youngest voting block, Generation Z, presented some similar results. For voters in the 18-23 age range, James (22%), Swift (18%), Beyoncé (8%), and Cardi B (8%) were seen as four of the most active celebs connected to promoting voting. While he did not make the top 7 for the general public, Kanye West jumped to 11% for Gen Z.

According to the WIS/MRC Data survey, 75% of voters said they wanted to see entertainers use their platforms to address social and political issues in America such as the COVID-19 pandemic, voting, and racial justice. Fans of Lizzo (74%), Cardi B (73%), Billie Eilish (70%), Beyoncé (67%), and Ariana Grande (63%) approve of artists giving issue-based speeches.

Veteran actor Tom Hanks was named as the person with the most trusted opinion on politics for total voters (49%). He was followed by Johnson (45%), Winfrey (38%), and James (32%). Hanks and Johnson were also listed at the peak of the favorability rankings with both Hollywood stars scoring a 74% rating. A majority of people had an unfavorable view of President Donald Trump (57%), Kim Kardashian (56%), Kanye West (55%), and Senator Mitch McConnell (52%).

LeBron James, Taylor Swift, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hanks, and Cardi B have all announced they are voting for the Democratic Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket in the 2020 presidential race. Donald Trump supporter, Kid Rock, was named as the most influential voice for Republican voters (46%). Kanye West is running for the U.S. presidency as a longshot independent candidate after previously backing Trump.