Legendary Rapper Philthy Rich Facing “Real Time”

Philthy Rich

Legendary Oakland rapper and anti-violence spokesman, Philty Rich is currently out on bail facing federal charges of attempting to illegally acquire firearms in Las Vegas.

In July, Philthy Rich, born Phillip Beasley was charged with conspiracy to make false statements in the acquisition of a firearm and one count of making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm. The case came to court in Las Vegas on August 3 and the Oakland rapper pleaded not guilty. Court records state he signed a document saying he would not commit crimes or tamper with evidence and was released the following day.   

The charge sheet alleges that Philthy Rich had his co-defendant, Jasmine Garica buy guns for him. The allegations are that Garica purchased three pistols from Precision Armory in Las Vegas. She took responsibility for the firearms, signing a document confirming that she bought the guns for her own use. The prosecution’s case is that Beasley paid her for the guns and kept them himself.   

According to court records, both co-defendants, Philthy Rich and Jasmine Garcia are represented by the same Las Vegas law firm. Beasley’s attorney, David Chesnoff, said he expected his client to be vindicated. “We are looking forward to the trial of this matter as our client absolutely maintains his innocence,” he said.  

It is unknown what possible penalty Philty Rich is looking at if convicted, the charging records give no details on that note. However, in a recent Instagram video Philty Rich said he’s looking at “real time,” if found guilty of the charges.  

It is also reported that he declared his innocence via his Instagram Story. “I appreciate all the concerns and real love but if u no me then u no those allegations don’t fit my caliber,” he wrote. “I’m cut from a diff cloth so I take the good wit the bad and if any of that was true I’m sure I wouldn’t be free.” 

In an interview in July with Cam Capone News the rapper offers $1 million to anyone with any facts about his case.

We brought you an interview with Rich in June where he opens up about his hustles outside of rap from dog breeding to weed strands.

Philthy Rich started his career back in 2007, rising to prominence outside of the traditional routes of radio and television. He is still putting out music with his songs being streamed and downloaded in their millions. He is an active youth mentor using his own criminal past and experiences growing up in East Oakland to deter young people from a life of crime.  

Rumors have swirled throughout his career of heavy involvement with criminal activity although he has no adult criminal convictions in Alameda County.