Legendary Singer Lionel Richie Has Words For Kanye West

Another legend speaks out…

Lionel Richie As He Watched Kanye Perform “All Day”

The world is still talking about the new Kanye West song, “All Day,” which popped up at the BRIT Awards earlier in the week.

Lionel Richie, the legendary soul singer, was not impressed, particularly with the use of the word n***a and profanity. The song uses n***a 39 times.

In an interview with The Daily Mirror, Ritchie said, “I don’t think it’s OK for a black man to use the N-word. I don’t like it – and I am a black man. I don’t think it should be said and become normal.’”

He also questioned if Yeezy would be able to continue on in this manner that certainly had jaws dropping at the BRIT Awards.

“Kanye is giving this generation shock value. How he carries on for the next 10 years we will see. The music business is more attention driven but you have to let it pass. Don’t even focus on it,” he said. “’Because what we have going on in the world is to over the top. I mean, who are we fighting? There is more hunger and famine in the world today than there was when we did We Are The World.”

There was a delay for the live event to edit explicit language, but many of the words got through to the audience.