Let’s Talk Battle Rap And Black Compass Media List Mid-Year Top 15 Power Rankings

Which of your favorite battlers didn’t make the list?

Two respected battle rap media companies released their collaborative mid-year rankings, totally and rightfully disrupting everyone’s top artists listing from 2021. With the introduction of some new phenomenons in the culture and less than five months left in the year, will battlers that have been occupying the top seeds for the last few years be moved aside for fresh blood?

On Wednesday, Aug. 3, Let’s Talk Battle Rap and Black Compass Media presented their 2022 Top 15 Power Rankings.

Tony Bro from Black Compass Media shared his thoughts about the ranking, and said, “In a year defined by underdogs, upsets, and controversy; this mid-year list captures the chaos of another great year in battle rap. The list is largely influenced by tournament victories and career-cementing performances. JC and Bill Collector stand out as Battle Raps Champions – winning 100k tournaments at URL and KOTD, respectively. “

“On the other side,” he continued. “Swamp and Sheed Happens, Nunn Nunn and Snakeyez represent the year of the underdog. Each of these guys defied expectations this year by betting on themselves and putting on consistent performances.”

“Reliable Veterans like Tay Roc, Danny Myers, Rosenberg Raw continued to take the up-and-coming battlers and legends alike – turning in solid performances at all stops in high-risk low reward situations,” he shared.

The list is as follows:

  1. JC
  2. Bill Collector
  3. Tay Roc
  4. Swamp
  5. Eazy the Block Captain
  6. Danny Myers
  7. Charlie Clips
  8. Ms Hustle
  9. Rum Nitty
  10. Fonz
  11. A. Ward
  12. Viixen the Assassin
  13. Sheed Happens
  14. Rosenburg Raw
  15. Nunn Nunn

Most notably missing is 3X COTY Geechi Gotti who has had a pretty rough year and Tsu Surf, who just has not battled.

JC, after the death of his mother and winning the latest Ultimate Madness, has leaped up to the #1 spot, dusting out so many that have counted him out over the years and lining him up for the long-awaited battles with Loaded Lux and Tsu Surf.

Bill Collector, another tournament winner and one of the original three behind the now-defunct Midnight Madness franchise, also is getting his just due. Always a fan favorite, demonstrating one of the culture’s most unorthodox styles, he is now getting his props as one of the best around.

Swamp, Sheed Happens, and Nunn Nunn are noted for getting busy this year— making people take note of their class and the hard work they have been putting in. Sheep Happens, the Crucible Alum from Maryland, actually just started battling and has found himself as a person to watch.

While Swamp and Nunn Nunn are re-establishing a footing in Carolina battle rap and living into the high expectation left on their doorsteps as emcees coming after vets T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen.

Two women also are on the list: Ms Hustle and Viixen the Assassin. Both considering their battles against each other and separately, they are pretty much the top Pitbulls in skirts for the genre. Just ask anyone: Smack, Debo, or Remy Ma.

“There’s a lot that could change before the end of the year and like all rankings in the subjective sport/art of battle rap, will certainly engender much debate,” Tony Bro. said. “But that’s the game, that’s what defines the culture. If history serves, by December battle rap fans will squint at their mid-year lists in awe of how the 2nd half turned out.”