Lil Baby Accused Of Skipping Show And Pocketing Promoters Money

The Atlanta rapper was supposed to perform in a small Pennsylvania town, but he never showed up and cost the promoters some big money.

(AllHipHop News) Lil Baby and his record label Quality Control are being accused of beating two Pennsylvania promoters out of their money over a missed show back in July.

Two locals named Omar Tejeda and Ariel Fernandez claimed they paid money upfront to book Lil Baby to perform at a nightclub in Ashley, PA on July 20.

According to The Citizen’s Voice, the promoters agreed to pay Lil Baby $30,000 for the show at Ashley Nightclub on July 20.

The men say they wired $15,000 upfront to secure Lil Baby for the night, but he never showed up for the gig.

The promoters also claim they shelled out almost $70,000 more on other expenses associated with producing the night, and they also had to refund $45,000 worth of tickets they sold.

A lawyer was forced to take action after Lil Baby and QC refused to refund their money or reimburse them for their expenses.