Lil Baby Says Black People Can Be Racist

Lil Baby got into a back and forth over racism in a recent interview.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Baby got into a heated debate with Rolling Stone writer Charles Holmes, after the journalist told him, “Black people can’t be racist.”

The 25-year-old hitmaker, who topped the U.S. Billboard 200 with his second album My Turn earlier this year, was discussing police corruption and systemic racism when the pair locked horns over their differing views on racism.

While discussing his song “The Bigger Picture” which includes the line, Corrupted police been the problem where I’m from / But I’d be lying if I said it was all of them,” the writer pushed back to say that there cannot be “good police in a fundamentally flawed and racist system.”

“Just ’cause you work in a racist system doesn’t mean you racist,” Baby, real name Dominique Armani Jones, said. “Damn near every system that got a job is a racist system. You know what I mean?

“CEOs be like old white people. You never know, they got to be some kind of racist ’cause at some certain age, your parent, that was the way of life almost. So I almost feel like all these corporations or whatnot may be racist. And black people are racist too.”

“Black people can’t be racist,” the writer said in disagreement, prompting Baby to respond, “Why? Racist means to be just to your race.”

Charles explained: “Well, the thing about racism is you would have to have some type of power, and Black people, historically speaking, don’t have any power to be racist. We can be prejudiced.”

“To me, a racist is someone who treats a different race than theirs a different way than they would treat theirs,” the Drip Too Hard star asserted. “I feel like if you’re a black person and you treat all black people one way and all white people one way, you’re racist. I’m not a racist, so I give a white person a chance to talk and actually we get into it before I can say I don’t like you or not.”

He added: “I feel the same way about a black person. You ain’t gon’ be my buddy just ’cause you’re black. Just straight up.”