Lil Cray Indicted For Offering Cops $35,000 Cash Bribe


(AllHipHop News) A local Cleveland rapper who shot his hip-hop video inside of a courtroom that drew criticism, is in trouble with the law once again.

Rapper Lil Cray hit the headlines last week, after Judge Michael Ryan of the Cuyahoga County Justice Juvenile Center allowed the rapper to shoot the video for his song “Indicted” inside of his courtroom.

Lil Cray, real name Crayshaun Bates, is now charged with trying to pay off Cuyahoga County sheriff deputies over 10 times, with a $35,000 cash bribe.

Lil Cray, 19, was trying to avoid underage drinking charges, after police raided his house and found the rapper playing dice in a basement with eight other people.

According to reports, it’s the third time Lil Cray has been arrested since he made bond on attempted murder charges and gang charges, since authorities claim he’s a member of the gang Loyal to Brothers.

Lil Cray is scheduled to stand trial for the attempted murder charges on February 6.