Lil Durk Forced to Defend India Royale From Twitter…Again

Lil Durk

The Chicago rapper is letting everyone know where he stands with his long-term girlfriend India Royale.

Lil Durk wants everyone to know his relationship with as long-term girlfriend India Royale is stronger than ever.

The rapper was forced to defend The mother of his three-year-old child, Willow after his name started trending on Twitter over the weekend for all the wrong reasons.

Durk squashed a rumor that started to spread like wildfire, claiming that India had cheated on him. The confusion started with Lil Durk himself, who fired off a series of tweets fans mistakenly thought was about his girlfriend.

However, the rapper took to Twitter to quickly shut down the rumor, letting everyone know everything was straight with India. This isn’t the first time Durk had to respond to rampant rumors that India was stepping out on him.

“It p### me off how y’all change s### around tryna make it like somebody a hoe talking bout her like talking bout my kids kill that rumor my b#### ain’t nun like you goofy hoes,” Lil Durk snapped.

In January of 2020, Lil Durk took to Instagram to shut down a similar rumor that India had cheated on him.

“India did not cheat on me she to 1000000 for that and respect herself 2much we will never let the internet break up our home y’all can keep trying tho…we don’t care frfr,” he posted to his IG account in January of 2020.

Even though Durk clarified the status of his relationship with India, Twitter was still having a field day with the rumor.

Take a look at some tweets below.