Lil Keke Discusses Why The South’s Domination Of Hip Hop Has Outlasted Other Regions (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) When Geto Boys told the world their minds were playing tricks on them in 1991, Andre 3000 declared “the South got something to say” at the 1995 Source Awards, and Master P’s No Limit tank rolled through mainstream America in 1997, southern rap started to become a permanent fixture in Hip Hop culture nationwide.

The South’s rap scene would later became a global phenomenon thanks to countless acts over the last 20+ years. However, some observers, such as Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, believe the region’s dominance is set to end soon.

DJ Smallz interviewed Lil Keke about the Third Coast’s potential to fall from the perch. According to the Don’t Mess Wit Texas creator, the South’s reign is far from over.

“We just getting started,” said Keke. “The other people had 15, 20 years.”

The Houston representative discussed how when the East Coast and West Coast had their respective runs southerners supported their music. But in his view, the South was left out of the conversation for so long that fans below the Mason-Dixon line have become die-hard followers of the artists from the area.

“They used to call us ‘country,’ but country people, we all stick together,” stated Keke.

The “Southside” spitter also commented on how southern rap fans do not put age limits on their stars. He pointed out that veterans such as Juicy J and Yo Gotti are still producing hits today. In comparison, Keke does not believe other regions have the same level of backing from today’s youth.

“You don’t have a 17, 18, 19, or 20 year old going back to the store buying a Run-D.M.C. Not that they don’t respect it, they just not from that,” he added. “You don’t have a 18, 19, 20 year old going back and getting [Ice Cube’s] AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. But you could get a 15, 19, 20 year old to go buy a Face Deeply Rooted or new Lil Keke Slfmade like that. And it keeps on flowing.”

Watch Lil Keke’s interview below.