Lil Kim Claps Back At “Spanish Girl” Critics, Accepts Icon Award From WEEN


(AllHipHop News) Tonight, Lil Kim will accept The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) Awards biggest honor – the Icon Award and the Queen was pleased to accept the distinction.

“Whenever someone says that they are doing something that empowers women, I was like what? That’s amazing and the fact that they are giving me the biggest award, that’s the Icon Award. I’m speechless. Thank you WEEN,” she told AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur.

The WEEN Awards will also honor the following:

Meagan Good (Actress) – Women’s Empowerment Award
Ethiopia Habtemariam (President of Motown Records) – Music Maverick Award
Lil’ Kim (Entertainer) – WEEN Icon Award
Geneva Reed-Veal (Mother of Sandra Bland) – Social Justice Award
Yara Shahidi (Actress) – TV & Film Empowerment Award
Dia Simms (President of Sean Combs Wines & Spirits) – Corporate Leadership Award
Teyana Taylor (Actress and Singer) – Mission Award
Elaine Welteroth (Editor, Teen Vogue) – Editorial Excellence Award

Kim also addressed another matter.

Just a couple short days ago, Lil Kim conducted an interview where she said with considerable levity that she was a “Spanish girl trapped into a Black girl’s body.”

The blow back on social media was serious, as people had a number of negative comments to say about the Queen B. AllHipHop talked to Kim about the aftermath of it all.

“Why is that controversial though?,” she said of her remark. “Because people are stupid. And you’re all dumb. People just like to start s##t when they can’t find anything (else to say). At the end the day, I grew up around a lot of Latinas and Latino Men in my family and in my life. They don’t know that. I don’t give a f##k either. People just want to have something to say. I’m very familiar with the culture and I’ve very familiar with other cultures too. Maybe that’s how I was feeling that day too. I identify with certain cultures, which is a good thing. My daughter is also half Latina and I don’t think that’s by chance.”

“You just gotta laugh at they a####, because they’re stupid.

Kim’s primary function of the evening was to support Floyd Mayweather, who launched TMT Music Group. The boxing promoted several of his new acts and fielded questions from outlets such as AllHipHop.

“At the end of the day, Floyd is my best friend…whatever he needs from me,” she said. “I’m here supporting my Money Team family, all of the new artists. Sunny is gonna be so freakin’ amazing, Lil James, that’s my buddy. He’s so dope. Its a blessing. I understand Floyd a lot, especially when it comes to the way that he connects to music. Me and him connect in so many ways. We have the same taste in music and the same taste in fashion. Sometimes we don’t agree on the same song.