Will Smith Has Been Hated On For Over 20 Years: “Somebody Had It Coming” Says Lil Kim

Will Smith rapped “Haters be making me wanna flip and react” back in 1999, and Lil Kim can understand why he finally did.

Lil Kim says she and Will Smith still experience “the same level of hate” as they did over two decades ago when they made “Da Butta,” back in 1999. 

The Queen Bee has spoken out amid the fallout from the 2022 Oscars where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock live on air after the comedian made a joke about his wife, alopecia sufferer Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head.  

Lil Kim took to Instagram on Monday evening (Mar. 28) to share a clip from the song. “Haters be making me wanna flip and react,” Will Smith prophetically raps in one line.  

“it’s so funny how art imitates Life sometimes,” Lil Kim wrote in the caption. “@willsmith and I did this song in the early 2000s 😹😹😹 and we’ve been friends ever since. When we recorded this song we were both experiencing the same level of hate and till this day it’s still the same the haters are always going to be butt hurt and angry when u stay on top forever they hate to see it 😻 some of them may be more popular than u, may even make more money than u but still hate u because ur character and the way ppl love u & f### wit u holds more wait than their ‘title.’” 

She continued but clarified she was neither talking about Chris Rock specifically nor ‘condoning the situation.” 

Lil Kim Asks For Forgiveness For Will Smith

The rapper said she has seen Will Smith “go thru a tremendous amount of hate his whole career” and relates “deeply to this feeling of snapping,” having experienced the same thing herself.  

“All I’m saying is plz forgive him yall,” Lil Kim concluded. She added that Will Smith is “a really a good person but somebody had it coming 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️” 

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The previous day Lil Kim shared a snippet of Will Smith’s tearful Oscar acceptance speech where he discussed taking abuse and disrespect in the industry. “BIG FACTS!!!,” Kim wrote alongside 3 “hitting the target” emojis. “STAY FOCUSED!!! The devil is real busy rn! They can’t stand the taste of their own medicine. Karma is a b#### fr and she ain’t playing wit y’all.” 

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