Lil Kim Under Fire For Allegedly Bleaching Her Skin


(AllHipHop News) After a recent six-shot photo on Instagram with a noticeably different appearance, Lil Kim is again under fire from internet trolls, fans and fellow Instagramers for allegedly bleaching her skin.

While some of the mean comments on her photo don’t bear repetition, others pleaded with Kim to return to her old self.

Adding to the apparent contrast, Kim subsequently posted an old photo of her with an old friend next to Biggie.

This is not the first time that the Bad Boy alum has come under fire for changing her appearance as Charlamagne The God asked Kim about her surgeries in a Breakfast Club interview back in 2012.

During the interview, Charlamagne hit Lil’ Kim with a very direct question about her cosmetic surgery.

Appearing confused and angered by the question Kim replied, “Why would you ask me that, but there’s so many people who have surgery? I don’t know where that question is coming from.”

Cosmetics companies have long since offered products to lighten skin tones.

From Palmers Cocoa Butter to Loreal to Clinque, many skin lightening products offered at local pharmacies include active ingredients like hydroquinone as well as acidic and alcoholic compounds.

No official comments from Kim on this drama yet, but below we’ve included a host of images over the years showcasing Kim’s various looks.

Miami Heat!!! ???

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