EXCLUSIVE: Lil Mama On Internet Memes, Being Vulnerable, & Says Industry Can Be Worse Than The Streets (Video)


Photo Credit: YouTube

(AllHipHop News) Recently, Lil Mama exclusively spoke with AllHipHop. The triple-threat artist would go on to explain the meaning behind her bars on “Too Fly.”  Many people have debated whether that track contained an inconspicuous diss directed towards Nicki Minaj. The Brooklyn rapper would also share her thoughts on male rappers.

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No stranger to public ridicule herself, the “Sausage” rapper gave her perspective on how she’s been able to not become jaded from a fickle industry. When discussing the topic of internet memes the BK entertainer would offer “healing” as her saving grace. “My skin has been bruised. it’s been shot. It’s been stabbed; it’s been torn,” she said of her “thick skin.”

As the conversation continued Lil Mama opened up about learning to turn her once vulnerable spirit into an inherent asset. “I’ve been hurt because I was so vulnerable, she said, “But then I had to learn, ‘Yo, this is a business!’ People will say whatever they got to say to get that next dollar.” Soon the “Lip Gloss” spitter would compare the music business to the streets. At the closing of clip, Lil Mama would talk about her perceived “second chance” at fame.

Check out the entire introspective interview:

Is the public going too hard at Lil Mama?