Lil Meech Reveals He Learned A Lot About His Father While Shooting “BMF”

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Lil Meech has become a familiar face after taking on the role of his father Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory Sr. in 50 Cent’s show, “B.M.F.”

During a recent interview, Lil Meech revealed that he had no memories of what his father and the rest of the “Black Mafia Family” were up to during his childhood. However, playing his dad on the show allowed him to understand what it was like for him during his 1980s heyday.  

“I felt like the whole thing was a learning experience just because I got to be him in his childhood,” Lil Meech shared with HipHopDX. “I had no idea how he grew up. None of us, unless you were there, knew how Detroit was in 1980s so it was very different for me and my life, because I was born in 2000. I went to private school so I had to put myself in his shoes and think about the problems and the obstacles he faced. It was much different, but it was fun. I got to talk to him and figure out different things that I never knew so it was just a total learning experience. “   

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Lil Meech Says His Father “Had To Be Smart As Hell”

Additionally, Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. revealed how impressed he was by his father’s ability to survive in Detroit in the 1980s.  

“It was a lot … like how he handled things,” Meech said. “There were a lot of things I was thinking about like damn, he had to be smart as hell to do all of that at such a young age. You’d have to be wise to do what he did at that young of an age and still be alive. It was a lot of problems and obstacles back then just being there in Detroit, in the murder capital of the world … just living out there was terrible. I got to learn a lot of different things about him that I never knew, and I actually got to go to Detroit and spend time where he grew up at.” 

Big Meech “Was A Cool Dad”

Lil Meech said growing up, Meech Sr. “was a cool dad” but he was oblivious to the criminal enterprise surrounding his family.  

According to Lil Meech, “I was way too young to understand, but I just knew I had a lot of stuff, I didn’t understand what money really was. I was too young, you know, but I knew who my dad was.” He added, “I just knew I had a cool, fun dad that had a lot of cars and a lot of houses and we would just go a lot of places. I had no idea what he was doing.” 

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