Lil Nas X Explains How Frank Ocean And Kevin Abstract Help Him With His Sexuality

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X sat down for an interview with Kevin Abstract, and he revealed how the rapper, and Frank Ocean helped him with his sexuality.

Rapper Lil Nas X has found the inspiration to talk about his own sexuality from openly gay music stars like Frank Ocean and Kevin Abstract.

Lil Nas X revealed he was really inspired when Frank Ocean opened up about his relationship with a man and when Kevin ‘came out’ in 2016.

Last week, Kevin Abstract interviewed Nas for and asked the “Old Town Road” hitmaker: “Do you feel like if there weren’t artists like Frank (Ocean) that came before you, you still would’ve had the courage to be as open as you are about who you are?”

Nas revealed his journey would have been “much more scary” without watching his idols navigate their own journeys.

“I feel like without Frank and people like you (Kevin) – it definitely would’ve been much more scary,” he said.

“I feel like for everybody, no matter who the artist is, there’s always some person that in some way made them feel slightly more okay with doing something and being themselves… you know? That’s what you guys did for me.

“Honestly, you did that for me, at a time where I wasn’t fully comfortable with who I was.”