Lil Nas X Talks Kevin Hart Interrupting Him During LGBT Discussion On ‘The Shop’

The openly gay entertainer sits down with DJ Scream and co.

(AllHipHop News) Superstar comedian Kevin Hart found himself as the target of woke Twitter once again. Hart caught backlash for his comments on HBO’s The Shop when Lil Nas X was asked about coming out as homosexual.

“He said he was gay. So what?” expressed Hart before Lil Nas could answer a question about his announcement during LGBT Pride Month. The stand-up comic was also accused of gaslighting the 20-year-old rapper by appearing to not understand why it was difficult for him to reveal his sexuality.

LNX has now addressed The Shop controversy. He spoke about the highly publicized moment while sitting down with Atlanta’s HoodRich Radio.

“No, I’m not mad at Kevin Hart. A lot of situations like that… I don’t try to get into that,” said the “Old Town Road” hitmaker. “I don’t try to get into these situations ’cause online I’m just here to be funny and laugh.”

He added, “.I’m not tryin’ to say anything, because when you say anything your words get twisted and you have to say something about that. It’s just on and on, so I don’t even try to get into anything really. But no, I’m not mad at Kevin Hart.”

After a host of the show suggested the public should not be angry with Kevin Hart if Lil Nas X is not upset, LNX responded, “I’m not saying what anybody should be.” Earlier this year, Hart was in the hot seat for perceived homophobic tweets from 2010 and 2011.