Lil Poopy Signs Major Label Deal; Heading To Lifetime’s “The Rap Game”


(AllHipHop News) After years of grinding, performing and dropping several viral videos, 13-year-old Boston rapper Lil Poopy has inked a major-label record deal.

Lil Poopy has signed a four year agreement with Epic/Sony, and is in the studio working on his new album now.

Lil Poopy shot to fame in 2013, after a video titled “Lil Poopy getting it in” caused outrage caused it featured the then nine-year-old in sexually suggestive situations with women in a nightclub.

The road to Poopy’s record deal was a bit bumpy.

Brockton police filed a child abuse complaint against his father Luis Rivera over “Lil Poopy getting it in” and other videos showing the child rapping rapping about cocaine and guns.

Luis Rivera was ultimately cleared of any abuse or neglect by The Department of Children and Families.

In June, Lil Poopy’s father/manager Luis Rivera was arrested in Boston as part of a 14-month investigation of high ranking gang members.

None of the snags have been able to stop Lil Poopy from breaking through.

“All of the older people – older friends – always underestimated me,” Lil Poopy told The Enterprise. “They like me now. I just want them to know that I’m coming for the top. They better be ready.”

Lil Poopy will also be featured on Season 3 of Lifetime’s Hip-Hop show with Hip-Hop mogul Jermaine Dupri, titled “The Rap Game.”