Lil Scrappy On Baltimore Riots: We Have To Sacrifice Lives & Money To Get What We Want (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) As long as there have been calls for Black people in America to fight against injustice, there has been a debate on whether the most effective means to achieve justice is through violence or nonviolence.

From Nat Turner’s slave revolt to Dr. Martin Luther King’s plan of passive resistance to the protests in Baltimore this week, the method of struggle against inequality has been both violent and nonviolent throughout history.

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Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy was asked about the Baltimore riots. Scrap explained to DJ Smallz Eyes why he thinks some of the angered citizens in the city turned to civil unrest.

“Some parts of the world, the United States – we are enraged. We feel like there’s no other way but for violence, because we have been nonviolent for so many years,” said Scrappy. “Now it’s become a point where we feel like we gotta put our foot down. We gotta do something.”

The star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta also believes the public will have to give up some things, including lives, in order to achieve equality.

“I feel like Baltimore is doing some justice right now,” said Scrappy. “We have to sacrifice bodies, lives, money, things. We gotta sacrifice to get what we want.”

Scrappy goes on to add he does not want the current animosity between some police forces and the community to continue, but he thinks something is going to have to happen for the situation to change. Scrappy also suggested citizens stay aware during police interaction and confronted people should “fix your attitude.”

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Watch Lil Scrappy’s interview below.