Lil Tjay Livestreams Confrontation With Cops; Gets Taken Into Custody

Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay clashed with the NYPD, which claimed he had a firearm in his vehicle. The rapper broadcasted the incident on Instagram Live.

Lil Tjay ran into more trouble with the law on Tuesday (June 6).

The NYPD detained Lil Tjay after cops allegedly spotted a firearm in his vehicle. The Columbia Records artist broadcasted his argument with the police on Instagram Live.

“Do not cuff me, bro,” he said when one officer told him to put his hands up. “Do not touch me, bro. Nah, bro. Don’t touch me, bro! What am I under arrest for? Don’t touch me. Do not touch me, bro … You fake ass—how you gon’ tell me you gon’ cuff me and stop? You know you can’t cuff me.”

A cop told Lil Tjay to turn around, which agitated him. The rapper denied having a firearm in the vehicle as the situation began to escalate.

“No, n####,” he said. “F### n####. No, bro, hell no … What’s in the car? I don’t know what’s in the car … There’s no firearm in the car.”

Police grabbed Lil Tjay. Onlookers encouraged him to not fight back. One of his associates picked up his phone to continue filming the incident.

Authorities haven’t announced any charges against Lil Tjay. He was previously arrested on gun charges in May.

View footage of his confrontation with police below.