Lil Wayne Reveals He Wrote New “Undisputed” Theme Song To “Impress” Skip Bayless 

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne admitted he wanted to outdo his performance on the original “Undisputed” theme tune because Skip Bayless loves it so much.

Lil Wayne has fans praising his latest musical effort, but the Hip-Hop icon revealed his only mission was to impress Skip Bayless with his new version of the Undisputed theme song. 

The revamped intro debuted on Monday’s episode (August 28), which also featured Lil Wayne in his new slot alongside co-host Skip Bayless. After unveiling the song, which replaces “No Mercy,” Weezy revealed he’d been considering a remake for a couple of years.  

Bayless admitted he was initially against the idea, branding Wayne’s original song “one of the best things,” he ever recorded. However, after hearing the remake, he branded “Good Morning” as “true greatness.” Check out the track below. 

 “What I love about this is you get me as well, maybe even better than anyone gets me and you just nail these lyrics,” Skip Bayless told Lil Wayne during the show. “And I hear ’em and I say, ‘That’s it.’ That’s the essence of Undisputed.” 

The Young Money Records founder revealed that he treated the song like a test he had to ace.  

“I would hope so, I try to make everything I do better than the last thing I did,” Lil Wayne continued. “Just to impress you just because I know how much you love ‘No Mercy.’ Just to capitalize on what you done. It’s not complicated. It’s not hard. I love the challenge of it anyway. I attacked it like an SAT exam, like if I don’t pass this, I can’t get in.” 

He also gushed over his co-host, revealing their mutual love of sports made the songwriting process a breeze. 

“The lyrics are so natural because our relationship, because our love for sports and because the love you have for this. It’s so easy to talk about a great person. It’s too easy,” he added.