Lil Wayne, Denise Bidot Show PDA With Romantic Beach Message

Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot

Looks like Wayne’s on and off relationship with model Denise Bidot is on again. 

Rapper Lil Wayne will be hoping third time’s the charm after giving his on/off romance with model Denise Bidot another shot.

The “Lollipop” hitmaker, real name Dwayne Carter, Jr., took to his Instagram Story timeline to share a captionless video clip of the reunited couple’s beach date.

In the footage, Wayne shows off a heart the curvy model had drawn in the sand, writing, “Denise & Dwayne” in the center.

He then zooms out to show a smiling Bidot kneeling on the beach, as she blows him a kiss.

Wayne previously dumped the beauty in the days leading up to America’s presidential election on November 3rd after he met with Donald Trump and voiced his support for the Republican incumbent.

Bidot made it clear on social media that she was voting for Democratic nominee Joe Biden – the now U.S. President.

They reconciled in late November, but the relationship appeared to hit another snag in January when eagle-eyed fans noticed they had unfollowed one another on social media yet again.

Bidot also fueled the claims by sharing a post which read: “Pretty disappointing when you defend someone throughout everything and they turn out being just as s##### as everyone said they were.”

She didn’t name the person she was referring to, but many were convinced her comments were all about Wayne.

Despite their ups and downs, the pair appears to be giving its love another chance, with Bidot confirming their latest reunion by sharing Wayne’s Instagram Story post on her profile late on Wednesday and writing, “I love you boo.”