Lil Wayne Responds To Young Thug About 'Carter 6'; Young Thug Responds Back!

Lil Wayne Finally Responds To Young Thug About ‘Carter 6’

Lil Wayne has stayed very quiet since Young Thug first announced his intentions to do Carter 6 through 10 — in which Thug would replaces Lil Wayne in Tha Carter through Tha Carter V, Weezy has finally broken his silence at a night club in Mississippi last night.

In our extended video, Wayne starts his response claiming that there is only one “Carter.” Weezy also takes shots at anyone that reps the Rich Gang clique and finally adds.

Before I go any further, I want y’all to do me a favor and stop listening to songs of n—as that pose naked on they motherf–king album cover.

Tunechi told a crowd during a show in Mississippi on Thursday night at Freelon’s Bar & Groove.

Watch the extended video below:

Young Thug responds back with kindness with his latest IG post toward Lil Wayne:

I respect @liltunechi for being someone so big in my life, no matter what he say .. VIDEO BY: @yslapparel

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