Lil Wayne’s Doppelgänger Son Sparks Debate With G.O.A.T. Rapper Pick 

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s son, Lil Novi, raised eyebrows on social media after declaring  Playboi Carti the new Lil Wayne. 

Lil Wayne’s son is following in his father’s footsteps as an aspiring rapper but believes another rapper has already assumed the role of the younger generation’s version of his father.  

Like many of his dad’s fans, Lil Novi considers his father the greatest rapper of all time. However, according to the 14-year-old, Playboi Carti is up there with Lil Wayne and has reached G.O.A.T. level.  

He addressed the topic during an interview with Flophouse Atlanta. “Obviously, my dad,” Lil Novi began. “But for me, I’d say like because Carti is like the Wayne now so yeah, Carti.”   

Novi justified his response after getting some pushback from the host. “If you really like think, he’s there,” he added. “He’s reached that level. He’s done crazy numbers.” 

Clips of the interview surfaced online, with many on social media disagreeing with Lil Novi’s take while others reacted to how much the teen looks and sounds like his famous father.  

“How does a 12 year old have vocal fry?” one person joked on X (Twitter), while another added, “Bro got his dads voice that’s hilarious.” 

Others questioned if Lil Novi was aware of his father’s status in rap. “I don’t think he knows how God tier of a rapper his dad is,” one user wrote.  

However, while some failed to understand the Playboi Carti “hype,” some disagreed. “Carti surpassed wayne already,” one user added. “Carti is the goat and theres no more debating it,” someone else stated.  

Meanwhile, Lil Novi (real name Neal), whose mother is singer Nivea, has been previewing his music on social media. Check out some of his work below.  

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