Lil Yachty Refuses To Diss Trump In CNN Interview, Says Lil B Influenced His Political Beliefs


(AllHipHop News) As political season continues in full swing ahead of November’s presidential elections, Lil Yachty took the time to speak with CNN about his political views. 

While the rapper’s crew was reportedly urging him to diss Donald Trump, the “1Night” rapper said he wanted to keep things “positive” and endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Following in the steps of Killer Mike and Lil B among many others that have supported Bernie Sanders, Yachty says people don’t even know the issues.

“A lot of people are just following the masses and … I don’t think they really know what each side holds,” he explained to CNN.

Choosing to stand with Bernie Sanders constituency at the advice of Lil B, Yachty says that Bernie is about equality, “not just because he was with the Civil Rights movement, but because of everything he stands for.”

In addition to endorsing Bernie, Yachty is encouraging all young eligible voters to participate.

“I want to say it’s important that you vote, that you get out there. Everybody’s voice matters. Just make sure that you register, and if (you’re) not going to vote, at least take the time, do some homework on what’s going on.”

Check out the video below that shows Yachty talking to CNN.