Lizzo Admits She Was Drunk During Her VMA Performance

The newest rap star says she needed a boost of confidence to get on the stage during her performance at the VMA’s.

(AllHipHop News) Lizzo gave herself some liquid courage by sipping tequila onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday.

The singer/rapper delivered a show-stopping performance of her hit “Truth Hurts” during the show, which included an inflatable booty prop – a nod to the star’s signature twerk.

And speaking shortly after coming off stage, the star revealed what was in the mysterious bedazzled bottle that she sipped from before addressing the audience after her song.

“So this is a bottle of tequila,” the 31-year-old revealed. “Now here’s the tea: I wasn’t allowed to have a full bottle of tequila, so we had one shot. And I took the whole shot on accident right before my speech.

“So I was lit! Whatever I said, I don’t remember.”

In the empowering speech, the “Juice” singer urged fans to ignore the “bulls##t” and learn to love themselves, adding: “It’s so hard trying to love yourself in a world that doesn’t love you back. So I want to take this opportunity to just feel good as hell because you deserve to feel good as hell!”

And Lizzo later said that the whole performance was “a moment,” admitting: “It was a spiritual catharsis for all of us. It was a release. We were feeling good as hell and the whole crowd felt good as hell and hopefully the whole world.