Lizzo Says Transphobia Appears “Rooted In Racism”  


Lizzo claimed a “complicit silence and apathetic participation,” fuels bigotry, including transphobia, fatphobia, and racism.

Lizzo is speaking up for marginalized groups urging people to get to the root of understanding why bigotry exists.  

She took to Twitter on Wednesday (Mar. 8), offering her views on eradicating discrimination of all forms.  

“Transphobia is lookin real rooted in racism right about now…” Lizzo wrote. “I’ve never heard a person say why they’re racist… Or fatphobic.. I’ve never heard a reason why someone is transphobic. I think if we knew ‘why’ these people felt this way there would [be] way less support for these ideals. Because the ‘why’ is more insidious than we realize.” 

In a follow-up tweet, Lizzo explained she doesn’t care to hear any reasons for bigoted behavior. Instead, she suggested people would do more to tackle prejudice if they knew more about it.  

“Don’t get it twisted—I don’t care why people are bigoted. That’s a waste of my imagination,” Lizzo added. “I feel like there’s a lot of complicit silence and apathetic participation going on that wouldn’t fly if people knew more.” 

Earlier this week, the Yitty founder used her platform to speak out against the return of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The lingerie giant recently announced the revival of its annual fashion show after a four-year hiatus. The brand scrapped the fashion in 2019 after criticism that it only hired super-skinny runway supermodels. 

“This is a win for inclusivity for inclusivity’s sake,” Lizzo wrote while quote tweeting a teaser video for the upcoming fashion show. “But if brands start doing this only because they’ve received backlash then what happens when the ‘trends’ change again?” 

She also took aim at the people at the helm of such brands. “Do the CEOs of these companies value true inclusivity? Or do they just value money?” Lizzo questioned.