EXCLUSIVE: Def Jam Records Re-Signs LL Cool J To Iconic Label

LL Cool J is back on the label that made him and the label he helped make.

(AllHipHop News) LL Cool J has re-signed to the label that made his career, Def Jam Records. LL Cool J was the very first artist to release an album on the label and he also helped the movement become one of the most iconic brands in history.

LL Cool J has made heavy strides in the last few years not only as an actor, but he’s established Rock The Bells Radio with Sirius XM. Now, the classic Hip-Hop artist comes back “home” like DMX.

Sources with the label were unable to identify when LL would drop new music, but revealed it could be soon.

In 2008, Def Jam and LL ended their relationship in a tumultuous fashion with the rapper calling his 12th album release appropriately titled Exit 13. But the entities shared more good, positive and uplifting times from his first album, Radio, which launched the then Queens, New York teenager into superstardom. 

At 16, in 1985, LL Cool J rapped about his radio, braggadocios rhymes and was considered the heir apparent in an era when Hip-Hop just began to flourish. He soon grew as an artist with the triple platinum album Bigger And Deffer and was the first rapper to record a doting ode to the ladies, “I Need Love.” Many copied the formula.

Much of the reason why LL has been so successful is his ability to navigate the changes in Hip-Hop. When rappers were suddenly conscious or gangsta, LL maintained his sense of self, particularly in the 90’s. Mr. Smith, his double-platinum 1995 opus, was R&B in an era dominated by Wu-Tang, Death Row Records and Mobb Deep. He also won another Grammy during this period. 

LL is largely why we use the term “The G.O.A.T.” in Hip-Hop because he proclaimed himself as such in 2000.

Fans will have to wait and see what the original G.O.A.T. has in store for his next tour of duty with Def Jam Records.