After Online Backlash Lupe Fiasco Declares He's Done Addressing The Public, Quits Twitter


(AlHipHop News) Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter timeline has made headlines in recent weeks. Those news items were mostly because the Chicago emcee defended Iggy Azalea and feuded with Azealia Banks and Kid Cudi. It appears Lupe’s social media posts will no longer be the subject of the blogs. The 10 year veteran declared he is done addressing the public directly.

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In a series of “final” tweets, the “Kick, Push” rapper explained he was never comfortable dealing with the public, but he had to engage with people as part of his career. Lupe adds since he has now completed his contractual requirements with his label, he is ready to “go back to the shadows.”


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The message, which sounded like another retirement announcement (Lupe claimed he was quitting music back in 2012), came after the Grammy winner was blasted online for tweets he sent out earlier in the evening.

A few hours prior to his withdrawal from Twitter, Lupe began posting lyrics from his guest verse on Big K.R.I.T.’s “Lost Generation” where he used his bars to reflect the thoughts of certain young people today.

The “Lost Generation” tweets included lines such as “school is for lames” and “f**k Martin Luther King, n***a f**k change.” Lupe did not place the lines in quotations, provide a reference to the source, or include a hashtag indicating the tweets were song lyrics. The result was his words were taken out of context, and a torrent of negative reaction tweets followed.


LupeTweet11-AllHipHop LupeTweet10-AllHipHop LupeTweet9-AllHipHop LupeTweet8-AllHipHop




Lupe’s decision to walk away from social media comes at an interesting time. His 5th studio album Tetsuo & Youth is scheduled for release next week (January 20). He had been using Twitter to promote the project for months.

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Listen to Big K.R.I.T.’s “Lost Generation” featuring Lupe Fiasco below.