Locals DRAG Mayor Of St. Petersburg For Calling Out 50 Cent Over Maskless Super Bowl Party

50 cent and Tampa Mayor

The Mayor of Tampa named checked 50 Cent, fearing the rapper’s party at an airport could be a superspreader of the coronavirus.

Rap star 50 Cent is accused of fumbling the ball during his pre-Super Bowl party in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The mayor of the city aimed at the rapper over a party he hosted at the Albert Whitted Airport on Friday night as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Mayor Rick Kriseman slammed the rap star after photos surfaced of him performing without a mask, as well as images of people partying in the airport without proper face coverings. 

“This isn’t how we should be celebrating the Super Bowl. It’s not safe or smart. It’s stupid. We’re going to take a very close look at this, and it may end up costing someone a lot more than 50 cent,” Mayor Rick Kriseman said. 

According to Mayor Kriseman, the promoter of the event could face some serious fines for flagrantly violating the state’s mask rules. 

Mayor Kriseman even said the company that managed the airport could come under investigation, but more details will be released next week according to the Tampa Bay Times. 

50 is one of several celebrities in town for Super Bowl 55, where the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Mayor Kriseman’s comments didn’t go over well with locals, who blasted him for calling out 50 Cent, when Tampa and Saint Petersburg has become a “free for all,” as one resident put it.

“I have noticed when I am doing essential runs, more and more people without masks. Businesses do nothing. Gas station is now probably 70% maskless. They use to not let you in. Now it’s a free for all,” one commenter said.

“Y’all have been actively encouraging people to travel here to party for #SuperBowl, what do you expect to happen? Can’t have it both ways!” another person wrote, citing the Mayor’s own words encouraging out-of-towners to come to Super Bowl 55.