London On Da Track Claims Summer Walker Has Infant On Vegan Diet

London on Da Track and Summer Walker

London On Da Track has replied to more allegations from Summer Walker, who claims season the worst dad in the world!

London On Da Track has responded to Summer Walker’s rant where she called him a lousy father while claiming their kid had “rashes from head to toe” when he brought the baby back to her. 

The singer mentioned in a post that once, after her child returned from a visit with him, she had a bruise on her head, and another time she had a burn on her arm.

The singer accused her former boo of allowing someone to “kidnap” their child and “threatened to not bring her back for no reason,” and being a narcissist, saying he only wants their daughter for Father’s Day for pictures.

“Don’t make me post alllll the day and mothers you’ve went without calling or picking her up,” she said. “LMAO … I have everyday marked on my calendar, hell I told you to come get her this weekend and you said ‘na you’ll get her Father’s Day almost 2 weeks from now just so you can take your lil pictures n drop her back off. You really a class a narcissist.”

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“What’s ‘annoying af’ is everytime I get her back she’s in worse condition then when you got her. It’s always some s###!” she ended the post.

The Shade Room posted the rant on their Instagram, and the producer got wind of it. He responded, “i’m the one keep trying to bring you to court and u stay begging me not to because you have our infant on a vegan diet.”

He then followed up that post in the comment section with, “Still ain’t over it yu stay blockin me, trying to keep me from my lil one just so you can come on this net and call me a ‘deadbeat.’

“You and I know that aint the truth!” he continued. “If you know you right why not bring me to court?? yu like running to the net seeking attention give it up the album out!”

This is not the first time Summer Walker made a public outburst about London On Da Track’s parenting.

“She’s not one of your little cars or props you can just post for clout,” Walker continued. “I wish you would just go,” she said on IG. “We don’t need you,” Summer wrote to London. “She has a real father over here. We be the ones sleep deprived taking care of her while you out doing whatever. Just go live your life.

“You don’t even have to keep fake kicking it with her cause I’m not cool with all that popping in and popping out BS. You leave when I’m pregnant. Pop In when she born. Literally leave like a couple days after she born. Pop in when you feel like it. Pop out. Pop in. Pop out. take your popcorn cornball heada$# somewhere,” Summer Walker fumed.

Summer Walker and London On Da Track have been going at it for some time. As reported, the two used to be collaborative lovebirds, working on music and life together. 

Now, the two are at war over a daughter they call Bubbles.