“Lord” Ice Cube Could Now Be Repping Scotland With Land Purchase

N.W.A. founder Ice Cube recently copped some land in Scotland, and he has officially become a “Lord.”

(AllHipHop News) Ice Cube has not been feeling the U.S. lately.

President Donald Trump’s America has pulled back the curtains on some really ugly parts of the nation’s psyche.

Ice Cube, whose real name is O’shea Jackson, has done all that he can to progressively push forward an agenda of social.

He even penned an economic reparation plan called: “A Contract with Black America.”

Well, there are people in different countries that love Ice Cube so much that they have gifted him a little piece of land, hoping to offer up a peace of mind that America doesn’t seem to afford him…or other Black folks.

The “Rollin’ wit The Lench Mob” rapper is now the owner of a plot of land in the rolling green hillside of Scotland.

The property is a few miles from the ruins of a place called Huntly Castle, which was once the ancestral home of Clan Gordon.

The N.W.A. founding member said, “It is your homeboy, Ice Cube. Y’all know what it is … [its] the West coast warlord from the West Coast. You know, what I mean … Los Angeles, CA.”

“But did you know that your homeboy is a real ‘Lord,’” he announced.  “Yeah that’s right, a real ‘Lord,’” the multi-hyphenate affirmed before sharing, “Somebody bought me a piece of land in Scotland! That makes me a real ‘Lord.’

“If you wanna be a real ‘Lord’ like me. you should go to establishedtitles.com and be a real ‘Lord’ like your homeboy Ice Cube.”

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A “Laird”, a Scottish term, or “Lord” is a title reserved for those who own larger estates or pieces of land in Scotland.

No word on if Scotland will support his reparations contract, even if he is a landowner in the country.

Regardless, Cube has been invited to tour the Huntly Castle when he touches down in the country. 

“We’d be happy to welcome Ice Cube to the historic Huntly Castle next time he’s in the neighborhood,” a spokesperson for the Huntly Castle told the Evening Express.