Louis Farrakhan Talks Organizing Second Million Man March & President Obama Calling Baltimore Protesters “Thugs” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Power 105’s The Breakfast Club recently sat down with Minster Louis Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam leader spoke about a bevy of topics with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God.

Min. Farrakhan spoke about his decision to follow Malcolm X, American minorities’ struggle against oppression, combating high crime rates in the Black community, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Iran-Contra scandal/crack cocaine epidemic, vaccinations, Hip Hop culture, returning to Washington DC for another Million Man March, and President Barack Obama’s response to the Baltimore Uprising.

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On organizing a second Million Man March, Farrakhan said:

Today, we are at that point in our development where we are being forced now to consider which is the way forward. Singing in, wading in, crying in, praying in has not worked. Marches have not worked. The oppression and the tyranny is getting worse, so we decided on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March to return to the capital. First time we went, it was on atonement, reconciliation, responsibility, We wanted Black men to accept the responsibility of being a man and standing up for our women and our children. And creating that sense of strong family again.

But this time – well I’ll put it like this. Elijah Muhammad said to me one day, “One day I’m going to call a march. and that march will be for justice. He said it won’t be like the march in ‘ 63 where people where laughing, frolicking, and having a good time. When you say you’re going for justice and jobs, that’s no time to party. That’s a time to be serious, because the cry for justice against the forces of who uphold injustice – you got to have a mind now. What are you going to do to move the forces of injustice, if they won’t bow to the truth that should bring justice?

The first Million Man March took place on October 16, 1995. The event was held on the west front grounds of the United States Capitol building. Farrakhan, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Benjamin Chavis, Martin Luther King III, and poet Maya Angelou were among the speakers.

The upcoming return to DC comes in the wake of a year worth of new stories covering numerous unarmed African-American men being killed by police officers. The death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland sparked peaceful protests, clashes with the police, looting, and property damage.

Farrakhan directly addressed President Obama calling some of the citizens of Baltimore “thugs.” The minister stated:

We helped our brother get in office, and we were so excited and proud to have our first Black president. But then when our brothers in Baltimore – that’s a city where Black folks have been catching hell for a long time. When they rise up, our president refers to them as thugs and criminals.

I want to say to brother Barack. When the highest office in the land can look at our children and call them thugs and criminals, unwittingly he’s sentencing them to death by the forces that deal with thugs and criminals. They are not thugs. They are not criminals.

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Watch part 1 and part 2 of Louis Farrakhan’s interview below.