Love Renaissance Announces New Publishing Partnership With Warner Chappell Music

LVRN and WCM look to further the success of acts like Summer Walker and BRS Kash.

Since its founding in 2012 by a group of Georgia State University students, Love Renaissance (LVRN) helped shape the careers of Summer Walker, 6lack, Shelley, ​Westside Boogie, and more. The Atlanta-based record label has now entered into a new publishing partnership with Warner Chappell Music.

The LVRN-WCM deal includes “Throat Baby (Go Baby)” performer BRS Kash as well as Cruel Santino, GMK, and Genio Bambino. In addition, Warner Chappell Music extended its agreement with Over It album creator Summer Walker.

Warner Chappell Music Co-Chair/CEO Guy Moot and Co-Chair/COO Carianne Marshall state:

LVRN is made up of inspiring young visionaries who helped to put Summer Walker on the global stage. They’ve successfully built one of the most forward-looking and progressive music imprints out there and are exactly the type of entrepreneurs we’re looking to be in business with. Both of us, along with Ryan Press, Wallace and our whole team are excited to work with them to help even more artists, songwriters and producers reach their full potential.

LVRN Co-founder/President Tunde Balogun and Co-founder/Head of A&R Justice Baiden state:

Our main focus since the label’s founding has been the development of artists. We are now committing the same focus and approach with publishing to develop the best songwriters, producers, and artists. It’s pivotal to continue building with a talented team around you, which is what we found with Warner, and why this partnership is so important to actualize the next step which includes the ability for the label’s publishing arm to administer writers they publish on their own and to fully partner with WCM. Wallace Joseph, Ryan Press, and Shani Gonzalez have been close friends of ours for years, so we are thrilled to be in business with them in this new venture.

Warner Chappell Music Sr. Director of A&R Wallace Joseph adds:

It’s great to be able to make our partnership with our friends at LVRN official. We’ve been working together for a while now and share a similar vision for helping to develop and shape songwriters’ careers at every stage of their journeys.