The Lox Was Going To Bring Out Puff And Mase During Verzuz Against Dipset

The Lox

The Lox was planning to bring even more heat againt Dipset during their Verzuz battle at Madison Square Garden earlier this week!

Believe it or not, the homicide that the Lox committed during Tuesday night’s Verzuz could have been a lot worse.

Sheek Louch said that they were going to bring out Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Mase but decided not to at the last minute.

During an interview with Sway Calloway and Heather B, the “All About the Benjamin” winner shared how great it felt to win the now legendary battle of the Hip-Hop bands.

As he shared the glory of the victory, he also spoke about the many strategies they had to defeat Harlem’s Dipset crew.

He said the first thing that the group was prepared, and had one very important weapon of mass destruction, their deejay, Technician.

“We rehearsed like crazy. We [would] do a song, he would throw one of their s**ts on just to get us … in war mode,” Sheek said.

“The freestyle that Kiss did, we decided to do that at rehearsal during the soundcheck,” he shared while on Wednesday’s episode of Sway in The Morning. “I was like do that dog and he knew all the lyrics.”

He also mentioned that he knew that they had the advantage with DJ Tech because they had recently performed on a show with the Dipset. He noticed that on the show, all of them had different deejays.

The deejay, one of the most essential elements of all-rap performances, creates the chemistry.

“When I seen that they had separate deejays, I said ‘Ah Tech, we gonna destroy these n#####,” Sheek assert.

Sway brought up the Instagram war, something that Sheek admitted was above their pay grade. “We don’t know all that. We OG, son. Let’s rap.”

While going over the actual battle, Sheek recalled his effort to keep the peace.

At one point, while Cam was lounging on a beach chair, Styles P started rapping at him and got kicked in the chest by the Dipset leader.

Not knowing whether or not this was an act for the show, he scooped his partner up. The end game — there is more money to be made, like their upcoming concert tour.

One of the craziest revelations is that Puff called them with advice on the show. Their big bro, who they were signed to during the Bad Boy days, told them to include the freestyles because some of them were bigger than the Dipset’s released songs.

The Lox had planned to bring on some special guests but decided not to so that no one could say it was the star power that gave them the edge.

“We were going to bring Puff to do ‘The Benjamins,’ and then we were going to being Mase for ‘N##gas Done Started Something,’ because we know he don’t f##k with them,” he revealed.

Heather B added that it didn’t have to stop there, “They could have brought out Lil’ Kim or Eve, they got so may it’s crazy.” The list does go on, as the Lox have been featured with so many A-listers, they could host their own awards show.

The disrespect, said all in fun, did not stop there.

Sheek said that he doesn’t consider Dipset a group, mentioning that Cam was rapping with other Harlem artists like Mase, McGruff, and Big L (RIP). Juelz came later and Jim didn’t start rapping until later.

Still, he insisted that the two crews are cool and that they are brothers in real life.

Another jewel he dropped is that Cam, from the Dipset, actually negotiated the terms, making sure everyone got paid top dollar and had proper representation on the stage.

Fans believe that this, at least for Hip-Hop, was the best Verzuz ever. For more, check for the tour that starts in September and go for 30 days.

This is Hip-Hop at its finest.