Ludacris’ Contract Includes Dizzying List Of Demands For Georgia Football Game


(AllHipHop News) Throughout the history of modern day music, artists have been known to make strange requests and demands as part of performance contracts.

From 50 Cent to Mariah Carey, celebrities often have extravagant riders for gigs, and the bigger the artist the longer the list of demands.

Yesterday it was revealed by that Ludacris had a dizzying list of requests for the University of Georgia Spring football game.

While Ludacris took home $65,000 for the 15-minute performances for 93,000 people, the Sanford Stadium show also included an assortment of amenities and requests.

Using an open records request, uncovered the contract that included a dinner for 10 people among many other demands.

The meal specifically requested that there be grilled chicken, chicken wings, pasta, brown rice, mixed vegetables, fruit salad, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.

There was also a list that included supplies for PB & J, fruit roll-ups, condoms, two bottles of his own Conjur Cognac and one stick of women’s Secret deodorant.

Check out a brief list here and check out the full G-Day agreement below:

1 loaf of whole grain bread, organic creamy peanut butter and organic grape or strawberry jelly
1 Crest Spin rechargeable toothbrush and Crest toothpaste
1 box of Fruit Roll-Ups
6 Hanes Large White T-Shirts
1 box of Trojan Magnum Condoms, Ecstasy
1 Can of Almonds
2 Bar of Dove soap
Nag Champa Incense
1 Bottle Of Eucerin lotion (original dry skin therapy)
2 Jo Malone candles, Gardenia scent
2 bottles of Belvedere Vodka
2 bottles of Conjure Cognac (His own liquor)
2 bottles of Patron Silver
2 packs of AA and AAA batteries
2 cases of Snapple
1 small Secret Deodorant
1 hair brush (with bristles, African American)
5 Drying and Wash Towels by Wamsutta
1 Iron And Ironing Board