Ludacris Discusses His Ridiculed CGI Abs In The “Vitamin D” Video While On ‘Conan’ (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Ludacris was hit with jokes from the collective internet for the computer-generated abdominal muscles in his “Vitamin D” music video.

While on Conan, Luda was asked about those CGI abs.

“I worked hard for that chest and those abs,” quipped Ludacris on the late night program.

When asked if he thought he would “get away with” the fake muscles, Luda responded, “I knew 100 percent I would, because this is typical Ludacris behavior. If anybody had seen any of my videos, this is 100 percent meant to be… I like having fun… I don’t take myself too serious. ‘Ludicrous’ means beyond crazy, wild, ridiculous.”

Other videos from the Grammy-winning emcee – such as “Rollout” and “Get Back” – feature him with overly exaggerated body parts as well.

Ludacris took all the Twitter wisecracks about his computerized “Vitamin D” body in stride.

“Do you want your own fake abs, but can’t afford CGI? Get your fake abs here for $11.81!” tweeted The Fate of the Furious cast member on April 10.

The next day he added, “I thought I told y’all NOBODY F-ckin wit me! Stop trying! .”