Ludacris Says U.S. Needs Younger Leaders

Rap star Ludacris is planning to rear a new generation of Leaders with his new platform.

(AllHipHop News) Ludacris wants to help educate a new generation of leaders to guide America through troubled times.

The rapper has built his own online media platform for children, Kid Nation, which aims to educate and inspire young people as well as promoting acceptance of others.

However, in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and subsequent protests against racial injustice and police brutality across the world, he thinks more urgent change and leadership is needed now.

“It’s time for the real leaders to step up,” he tells Billboard magazine. “If we don’t step up and become leaders like I said in (his recent track Silence of the Lambs), you’re either in control or you’re getting f##ked. There’s no abstinence whatsoever. The people that are thinking and trying to invoke change, to try to make a difference, we’re all doing it in different ways.”

On his hopes to make a difference, the “What’s Your Fantasy” hitmaker says he hopes to inspire the young to become leaders in their community and use the moment to change minds about addressing injustice in America.

“I feel like there’s a lot of people that want to change their mind right now,” he adds. “For some, it’s a little difficult, because they’ve already got their mind made up. My goal is to influence (the new generation) in a positive way and get them on a line of thinking of leadership.”