Lupe Fiasco & ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Clash Over Claims Of “Anti-Semitism”


(AllHipHop News) Yesterday, Lupe Fiasco told his 1.4 million Twitter followers that he was done making music.

The announcement was a response to Lupe’s song “N.E.R.D.” apparently being pulled off Soundcloud for being “hate speech.”

However, at the moment, the track is still available on the streaming platform.

Following the tweets from Lupe, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt addressed the Chicago native on Twitter.

The ADL is a Jewish organization with a mission to fight anti-Semitism across the world.

“Hey [Lupe Fiasco] You have a stage to promote inclusivity. So why promote hurtful #antiSemitic stereotypes?” wrote Greenblatt. “The fiasco w [Lupe Fiasco] reminds us: #music industry has a big role to play in promoting positivity & inclusivity 4 all marginalized grps.”

Fiasco fired back on his own Twitter timeline, posting, “Sorry M####….i’s do better next time, f-ck outta here.”

“I didn’t called them dirty becuz they were Jewish I called them dirty becuz their horrible f###### human beings,” added Lupe. “Im not an anti-Semite & I’ll never be a Freier, EVER! So u can take your little condemnation & it shove up ur ass sideways.”

The two exchanged more messages on the social media app. Read Lupe Fiasco and Jonathan Greenblatt’s tweets below.