Lyfe Jennings Slams Mario Over Social Media Comment

Lyfe Jennings Mario

The two R&B performers exchange words on the internet.

A Lyfe Jennings performance went viral over the weekend. Many social media users clowned Jennings’s vocals from the concert, and fellow R&B singer Mario added to the online banter.

The Shade Room uploaded a video of Lyfe Jennings singing on stage and a fan’s tweet criticizing the performance. At first, Jennings took aim at the media company for spreading the clip.

“This is exactly why Shade Room [is] in my new video ‘Till You Gone’ lol. They won’t love me till I’m gone… [I’m] a whole legend out here c.w.t.h. can’t wait to hate… 😂 They love me cause I show up as meeeee!!!!” wrote Jennings.

The Ohio-raised entertainer was not the only celebrity to share his thoughts on the situation. Mario also jumped into the Instagram blog’s comments section. The former Empire actor simply posted, “🤦🏾‍♂️.

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In response to Mario’s emoji, Lyfe Jennings wrote, “@marioworldwide that’s why I f### with the rappers. R and B n##### be fake [as f###]. So much I could say but my numbers speak for themselves and my rep do too.”

The Shade Room reposted Lyfe Jenning’s Instagram comment, drawing Mario’s attention. The Baltimore native responded, “Yo, what is this n##### Lyfe’s IG, I been tryna find him .🤔 Nah, [for real] help…?”

Mario also addressed the situation on his Instagram Story. The “Let Me Love You” hitmaker shared, “Crazy s### is… I really don’t be meaning harm to 🥷🏿’s! I was just like why she had to post THAT video.”

Lyfe Jennings had more to say on his Instagram Story as well. The Lyfe 268‒192 album creator wrote, “Y’all make music about only drugs, sex, money [you] really don’t have. We [are] not the same.”