Machine Gun Kelly Has Issue With Whining Celebrities

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly says some musicians are playing the sympathy card.

Machine Gun Kelly has taken aim at his over-sensitive pop star peers, who “cry about everything as a marketing tool.”

The rap-rocker is tired of listening to whining celebrities feeling sorry for themselves, insisting many of them have nothing to complain about.

The star, real name Colson Baker, refused to name names but it was pretty clear who he was talking about when he addressed fans in a Kerrang! video chat – and he has no sympathy for them.

“Some musicians are honest… they’re honestly annoying,” the ‘Bad Things’ hitmaker said. “They’re f##king cry(ing) about everything as a marketing tool and leave no space for people like me, who are like, ‘Yo, I actually never f##king cry about s##t that I wanna cry about, but here I am today ready to cry about some s##t’. But I won’t do it because you f##ked the whole landscape up because you’re f##king crying and went to your label with a marketing campaign like, ‘Hey, here’s my strategy, I’m gonna f##king tweet every day about how much I f##king hate myself and how sad I am and rack up the sympathy vote’.

“If I’m such an inspiration to somebody, as sad as I am, aren’t I supposed to show that there’s resilience in that sadness? Aren’t I supposed to show that you’re supposed to smile through it? I know the internet’s great, but it doesn’t need to necessarily be the form of how I’m going to let my diary out.”