EXCLUSIVE: Machine Gun Kelly Says DMX’S Music Helped Him Against Bullying Growing Up


(AllHipHop News) Machine Gun Kelly recently sat with AllHipHop.com to discuss his collaboration with rap legend DMX, which will appear on MGK’s new album Lace Up.

The two recently teamed up in the recording studio to record for both of their new projects.

MGK spoke on his admiration for X, in addition to working with the Yonkers-bred rapper.

“That’s my idol, I’m on DMX’s first single, that’s like big bruh,” Machine Gun Kelly told AllHipHop.com. “I’m on his first single, he’s on my album. That’s the man, bow to him.”

Although DMX may have earned a bad reputation for his numerous run-ins with the law over the years for drug possession, animal cruelty and numerous driving infractions, MGK said he was an inspiration.

Bullying, which is a hot-button topic, was something MGK could relate to, growing up in a troubled household in Cleveland.

“He has a priceless story. I’m just saying be different,” Machine Gun Kelly told AllHipHop.com. “That was music I could run away to [when] me and my pops fell out.”

MGK addressed the topic on his song “The Return” from his. 2010 mixtape.

People wanna be my friend?/But where the f### were y’all when I was 10/eleven and twelve gettin bullied
and beat up in the gym/
I couldn’t ever get a girl
Now all a sudden I’m the man/
students try to get back cool with me again

DMX’s music, which has always been laced with spirituality, helped him through the tough times.

“When my mom left and all that other s**t, fights with kids at school, getting picked on, DMX was that man,” Machine Gun Kelly told AllHipHop.com.
“I always put on some DMX and imagined myself beating people up.”