Macklemore Slams Donald Trump, MAGA, Liberals, Joe Biden & More On “Trump’s Over Freestyle”


George Clinton co-signs the track.

Seattle-bred rapper Macklemore is back in the news this week. The Grammy-winner used President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day on Wednesday to drop “Trump’s Over Freestyle” about former President Donald Trump and his Make America Great movement.

“All you high fiving, MAGA white boys, drinking White Claws. Care about your taxes more than human rights, sign off. You no mask-wearing, big truck driving, Blue Lives Matter, talking s### about the riots. Double standard once the white folks went and tried it. ‘They’re Patriots!’ No, those are terrorists, Brian,” rapped Macklemore.

The Heist album creator also had words for left-leaning voters. He said, “And all you liberals out there being silent while Black people dying at the hands of police violence – that care more about animal rights and recycling and bicycling and the climate and toothpaste with iron. You too are complicit, you too getting brought up. I’ll give it to you pro bono, you, too, are the problem.”


Even Biden caught light heat. Macklemore rapped, “We celebrating, but to think a new era’s begun. Still, half the country feels the same way that [Trump] does, so what the f### are we gonna do now? Biden my dog, but he’s close to getting put down. Surprise, another old white guy in the House. Who’s fine, we just hold our breath when he opens his mouth.”

Social media users’ reactions to “Trump’s Over Freestyle” were mixed. A few people praised the 37-year-old rhymer for touching on the issues of politics and addressing both sides of the aisle. While others slammed the song and questioned why the world would need Macklemore’s current take on the state of America.

However, Macklemore did receive clear praise from a music legend. Parliament-Funkadelic bandleader George Clinton quote-tweeted Mack’s “Trump’s Over Freestyle” video with 15 American flag emojis and 15 sign of the horn emojis. He also added a couple of mindblown memojis.