Maino Beats Female Assault Charge

Maino Survives False Claims!

Maino was accused of sexual assault and all but found guilty in the public’s collective eye. That notion has changed and the rapper was exonerated today.

Mellanie Monro accused the Brooklyn representative but now she has admitted to lying.

“Violence against women is an important issue in today’s society,” said Nicole Manini, Esq. of the Blanch Law Firm to “As a female attorney, I find it completely offensive to actual victims of domestic violence and assault that Ms. Hennigan (aka Mellanie Monroe) would make these allegations against our client knowing that they were not true. False allegations of abuse and assault diminish the severity of such crimes real victims face and increase the fear that they will not be believed should they come forward against their assailants.”

The charges against Maino and co-defendant Richard Holt have been dropped.

Hennigan was seen on cellphone using the N-word towards the men and then they sprayed her with champagne.